Wire Mesh Strainer Used in Cooking, Chemical, Oil or Food Industries

Wire mesh strainers are commonly spoon shape and also available are Y type strainers, basket strainers, foot valve strainers, etc.

Fine mesh strainer can be used in kitchen,such as colanders of vegetables or other foods, and it serves in chemical, oil, water treatment, processing industries.

There are three spoon shape fine mesh strainers with different sizes.
WMS-01: Fine mesh strainers with different sizes play different roles.
There is a perforated spoon shape strainer with one handle.
WMS-02: Perforated mesh strainer has a solid structure.

Specifications of wire mesh strainer:

  • Materials: stainless steel, brass or other alloys.
  • Shapes: spoon, basket, Y type, tube.
  • Types: weaving type, perforated type, etc.

Wire mesh strainer applications:

  • In kitchen: used for draining food such as vegetables, fruits or sieve flour, salt, etc;
  • In industries: filter materials in chemical, petroleum, water treatment, pharmaceutical industries;
  • Others: irrigation application, bell mouth strainers, foot valve strainers.
There is a wire mesh strainer filtering solid powder.
WMS-03: Fine mesh sieve with fine holes has high filter precision.
There is a vegetable basket strainer with two handles and three green peppers.
WMS-04: Wire mesh strainer can drain foods such as vegetables, fruits.
There are three wire mesh basket filter elements and three already installed strainer equipment.
WMS-05: Basket strainer has a stable structure and good filter performance.
There is a Y type strainer with a cover beside it.
WMS-06: Y strainer is commonly installed on valve to remove impurities.
There is a foot valve strainer with weaving filter element.
WMS-07: Wire mesh strainer can be foot valve strainer.

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