Candle Filter Serves in Food, Medicine, Chemical, Grease Ink Industries

A candle filter contains multiple filter elements that are installed or screwed in a housing in parallel, forming a closed and stable structure.

Candle type filter has different types and can be made into various materials, which made it can be used in petroleum, plastics, electroplating, chemical, ceramics, sugar and other industries.

Specifications of candle filter:

  • Materials: stainless steel, copper or brass, special alloys: incoloy 825, monel K500, hastelloy C-276, etc.
  • Length: 125 mm, 250 mm, 498 mm, 1012 mm or can be customized.
  • Type: sintered type, weaving type, perforated type, pleated type.
  • Packing: in cartons or wooden cases.
There are four pleated candle filter elements with different sizes.
CF-01: We can design the candle filter into different sizes according to your requirements.
There are eight candle filter elements: four pleated elements, one perforated filter element and three perforated-pleated compound elements.
CF-02: Candle filter with various types meet different application scenarios.
There are several sintered candle filter elements with different sizes.
CF-03: Sintered candle filter components possess high filter precision.
There is a brass pleated candle filter element with stainless steel edges.
CF-04: We can provide brass or other materials candle filter elements.

Candle filter application fields:

  • Food industry: the filtration of lactic acid, beverages, edible oil, etc;
  • Pharmaceutical industry: can filter fermentation broth, catalyst, suspension;
  • Chemical industry: filter and recycling waste plastics, PVC powder or as element of refining equipment;
  • Water treatment industry: filtration of heavy metal waste water, river water, groundwater;
  • Grease ink: filter hydraulic oil, kerosene, biodiesel.
There is a filter bundle after cleaning with candle filter elements installed on it.
CF-05: Candle filter is easy to clean and can be used many times.
There are several sintered candle filter components installed on a filter equipment with a housing beside it.
CF-06: Candle filter has closed structure and high automation performance.

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