Pet screen Protects Your Pets or Babies from Falling off

Current situation

Nowadays, pets are widely seen and popular in home all over the world. People want to make friends with them and take good care of them as their little babies. So we want to give them the best living environments and protect them from hurting. As we all know, the cat like to climbing windows and doors or walk around on the sill. Some of you dare not open the window, because they may fall off the window when you are out. So, the fresh air can not entering the room, the interior environments get worse and worse. You may choose the insect screen. But ordinary insect screen can ensure good air ventilation but they can not tough enough to withstand the sharp claws of cat or dog. Pets will leave a big hole on the insect screen, then the flies, mosquitoes, moth and other insect screen enters. To solve these problems, we recommend the pet screen for you.

A baby girl sitting on the sill.
PES-01: Baby like to sit on the sill and watch outside.
A cat is climbing on the window screen.
PES-02: Cat like to climb along the window screen.

What is pet screen

Pet screen, also called антикошка in Russian area, is a type of insect screen for windows and doors, which contains extra-strong tear resistant mesh. Pet screen is made of fiberglass coated with polyester or nylon wire coated with polyester. Compared with traditional mosquito screens, the pet screen is 3 times stronger. It is thicker than standard fly screen, but is still flexible. Pet screen can not only prevent mosquitoes, flies, moths and other small insects from entering home like the ordinary insect screen, but also can withstand the sharp claws of pets. Moreover, the pet screen is tough enough to protect pets from falling off.

A pencil point on the black color pet screen.
PES-03: Comparison of pet screen mesh and pencil point.
A US dollar on the black color pet screen.
PES-04: Comparison of pet screen mesh and quarter dollar.

Specifications of pet screen

  • Material: nylon wire coated wire polyester or fiberglass wire coated with polyester.
  • Weave type: plain weave.
  • Wire diameter: 0.18 mm to 0.40 mm.
  • Mesh size: 16 mesh × 16 mesh, 18 mesh × 18 mesh.
  • Color: black, gray and other colors can be customized.
  • Standard width: 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72".
  • Standard length: 7', 25', 50' and 100'.

Advantages of pet screen

  • Extra strong tear resistant performance.
  • High tensile strength and durable.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Ensure good air circulation of fresh air.
  • High visibility. It will not block view from interior to outside.
A picture shows the scenery from upstairs to outside view through pet screen.
PES-05: Pet screen will not blocks your outside view.
A cat is clawing on the pet screen.
PES-06: Pet screen is extra tear resistance to withstand the cat's claw.

Applications of pet screen

Pet screen can be installed on the windows and doors to replace the traditional insect screen to prevent small insects from entering home. It can also protect pets and children from falling off. Pet screen is suitable for the following places.

  • Single leaf or double leaf windows.
  • Single or double doors.
  • The pet screen can be flat installed onto the frame. It can also be made into roller screens or pleated screens for convenient and easy operation.

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