Test Screen for Metallurgy

The wire screen is used for metallurgy with specifications:

  • 100 mesh; opening size 0.150 mm.
  • 150 mesh; opening size 0.110 mm.
  • 200 mesh; opening size 0.07 mm.
  • 250 mesh; opening size 0.063 mm.
  • 325 mesh; opening size 0.043 mm.
  • 400 mesh; opening size 0.033 mm.
  • 500 mesh; opening size 0.026 mm.

The wire screen meets the North American standard 8 (20 cm.) inch diameter full height (5 cm approximate). This type wire screen can be also found in filtration & separation application.

Two copper test screen on the white background.
TS-01: Copper test screen.
Two stainless steel test screen on the white background.
TS-02: Stainless steel test screen.

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