Plastic Insect Screen – Plain Weave and Wrap Knitting Weave Fly Screen

Window screening is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from interrupting The specifications include 14 × 14 mesh, 16 × 14 mesh, 16 × 16 mesh, 18 × 16 mesh, 18 × 18 mesh, 18 × 14 mesh, and the wire diameter generally is BWG 31 or BWG 32. The following window screening are available for supplying.

  • Weaving: plain weave and warp weave.
  • Property: light weight and beautiful appearance.
  • Application: civil construction against flies and mosquito.
  • Edge: locked edge in red, blue and other customized colors.
A orange object on the warp knitting white color plastic insect screen.
PIS-01: Warp knitting insect screen.
An orange object on the plain weave white color plastic insect screen.
PIS-02: Plain weave insect screen.
A warp knitting plastic insect screen with red color locked edge on the black background.
PIS-03: Red color locked edge.
A plain weave plastic insect screen with blue color locked edge on the black background.
PIS-04: Blue color locked edge.
Specification list of plastic insect screen
Variety Specification Technical notes
Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge Roll size
Insect Screening
12 × 12 BWG31
3" × 100"
4" × 100"
1 × 25 m
1.2 × 30 m
1.5 × 25 m
Twisted weaving: 12 × 14 × 16 mesh;
Plain weaving: 18 × 22 × 24 mesh;
Colors available: white, blue, green, etc.
14 × 14
16 × 16
18 × 18
18 × 14
20 × 20

Note: Plastic insect screen has no flame resistant performance, if you have this requirements, you can choose the fiberglass insect screen.

A hand fires the plastic insect screen and it leaves a hole on the screen.
PIS-05: Plastic has no fire resistance performance.
A hand fires the fiberglass insect screen and the flame out soon and the screen is complete.
PIS-06: Fiberglass insect screen has excellent flame resistant performance.
There are seven rolls of plastic insect screen in different colors.
PIS-07: Plastic insect screen have various colors for your choice.

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