Square or Oblong Mesh Dust Screen and Fly Screen Mesh

A brown frame dust screen blocks dusts outside and allows fresh air entering.
DUS-1: Small opening of dust screen can blocks almost all tiny dusts.

Current situation

In some apartments, which are located in the crowd street, the urban dust settles in a few days in the windows and will mark dark layer. Most of dust falls into the apartment and covers the furniture and floor. It is hard to clean. When cleaning, the dust is easy to get into the lungs, which can cause diseases of the respiratory system. Moreover, some of families may suffer allergies from dust and pollen.

Traditional insect screen has good performance in blocking insects from entering houses, but it doesn't work for the dust. The dust will entering the house along with the fresh air.

Dust screen introduction

Dust screen is made of a special nylon fabric, which has magnetic character to attract and trap the dust on the screen. Different from traditional fly mesh insect screen, which is plain weave into square openings, the dust screen is warp knitting to form a special structure with square or oblong meshes. This special structure is contribute to the dust blocking.

The small opening, 0.15 mm × 0.9 mm that is small enough to block mosquitoes, flies and dirt from getting inside the premises. Moreover, the dust screen can leave small particles of pollen and dust outside the house. Installing dust screen on your windows or doors, you will feel that the air in the room has become cleaner and nicer. There is little dust on your furniture or floors.

Specifications of dust screen

  • Material: nylon fabric.
  • Technology: warp knitting.
  • Mesh type: square or oblong.
  • Mesh size: 0.8 mm × 0.8 mm, 1 mm × 1 mm, 0.15 mm × 0.9 mm, 0.25 mm × 1 mm.
A piece of square mesh dust screen on the white background.
DUS-2: Square mesh dust screen.
A piece of oblong mesh dust screen on the white background.
DUS-3: Oblong mesh dust screen.

Advantages of dust screen

  • Excellent performance to blocks insects, dusts and pollen.
  • Save people from various allergies.
  • High visibility. It will not block your view or sunlight from entering your house.
  • High strength. It is durable and high strength to withstand the attack from external force.
  • Corrosion resistance. It is corrosion resistant to be used in the seaside and other harsh environments.
  • Easy to install and replace. All the works can be completed by one person.
  • Easy to take care for. Water cleaning with ordinary soap is good enough to return to its former appearance.
  • Square mesh or oblong mesh for your choice.
There are lots of dusts on the sill and window.
DUS-4: Sill without dust screen.
The dust screen is installed on the window and leaves a clean sill.
DUS-5: Sill with dust screen.

Disadvantages of dust screen

As we all know, the dust screen has extremely small opening to prevent dusts and pollen from entering the house. It is easier to clog than the fiberglass insect screen, plastic screen and other traditional insect screen. You should clean the dust screen regularly to ensure the good air circulation.

The cleaning is easy, ordinary soap and water can complete all works.

It is not recommended to clean the dust screen by cleaning powder, because the fine particles of the powder may clog the meshes.

Applications of dust screen

  • Dust screen can be installed in the office buildings. It can improve the air penetration and reduce the dust penetration from the outside. There will be little dust on your desk. Besides, the employees will not suffer from various allergies. So the dust screen can help to create a clean and healthy office environments.
  • Dust screen can be installed onto windows, patio doors and other places to block the small insects, dust and even pollen outside of the house. It can save your families who are suffering from various allergies and securely retains the purity in your home.

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