Tungsten Wire Cloth Made into Electromagnetic Shielding or Heater

Tungsten wire cloth is the product of tungsten which is strategic metal as the rare resource. And tungsten wire cloth has great hardness and high melting point, so tungsten wire mesh is widely used in high temperature, shielding, filter field.

With corrosion resistance, tungsten wire cloth can filter or sieve materials in acid, alkali environmental conditions. Tungsten wire mesh has good high temperature resistance and high density, which make it be used for heating element, radiation shielding.

There is a tungsten wire fine cloth roll.
TWC-01: Tungsten wire cloth has high density.
There is a tungsten wire mesh sheet with small square holes in one hand.
TWC-02: Tungsten wire mesh has great hardness and strength.

Specifications of tungsten wire cloth:

  • Width: 0.3–2 m.
  • Roll length: 10–30 m or customized.
  • Processing: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.
  • Packing:
    • Wrapped with moisture-proof paper, plastic film;
    • In wooden cases or carton.

Tungsten wire cloth features:

  • Very high melting point and good high temperature resistance;
  • Non-corrosion and acid, alkali resistance;
  • Great hardness and has no broken wire;
  • Stable chemical properties;
  • Smooth and clean surface.

Tungsten wire cloth applications:

  • Vacuum furnace tungsten heating element or heat treatment supporting mesh;
  • Radiation shielding;
  • Used in protection from fire hazards;
  • Used for filter solid, gas, liquid;
  • Hydrogen making, acid making, electronics industry, aerospace.
There is a silver white tungsten mesh with square holes.
TWC-03: Tungsten wire cloth can be made into heating element or heat treatment support.
There is a tungsten wire mesh roll.
TWC-04: Tungsten wire mesh can be used for radiation shielding.
There are two tungsten mesh filter discs with high density.
TWC-05: Tungsten mesh filter disc can resist acid, alkali.
Many tungsten wire cloth rolls wrapped with moisture-proof paper put in a carton.
TWC-06: Tungsten wire cloth can be wrapped with moisture-proof paper in carton or customized.

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