Polyester Pollen Screen – Efficiently Prevents Pollen and Reduces Allergies

A roll of pollen screen blocks several different types of pollen.
PS-01: Pollen screen can block pollen out efficiently.

Do your families especially your little babies suffer the pollen or dust allergies? Is your air condition bill high, because you have to keep it on all day long? How long you can't enjoy the cool breeze from outside fresh air? Sometimes, you just open the window or patio door, you can get the air ventilation and enjoy the natural breeze from outside, but you dare not. The traditional window insect screen can not only allow the fresh air in but the pollen, which may cause you uncomfortable and even cause disease.

Now, we can supply you a kind of special fly screen mesh —pollen screen to solve all your problems.

Pollen screen is made of 100% precisely spun polyester. Then the materials are woven into screen in different technology with traditional insect screen. It is manufactured through warp knitting. When the pollen or dust approach the pollen screen along with the fresh air, the pollen screen with special structure will not allow skipping pollen, seeds of dandelions, dust and other vermin in and it allow the fresh air only.

Pollen screen is an excellent solution to block pollen in, reduce air condition bill and enjoy fresh air and reducing the impact of pollen-based allergies. It is widely installed on the windows, patio doors and other places where the pollen may entering in both residences or commercial building. It can clean your air quietly and efficiently without add the electricity cost.

Specifications of pollen screen

  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Technology: warp knitting.
  • Wire diameter: 0.0115" and 0.0130".
  • Mesh size: 18 mesh × 56 mesh.
  • Package: PE bag shrinked, bubble bag and card board carton.
  • Roll length: 10', 15', 50', 100' and so on.
  • Roll width: 15", 21", 26", 30", 36", 48", 60", 72", 85" and 93".

Advantages of pollen screen

  • Easy to install and replace.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Special warp knitting structure.
  • High filtering efficient.
  • High visibility.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Prevent mosquitoes, flies and small insects entering.
  • Block birch pollen, grass pollen, pollen nettle, ragweed pollen and other pollen or dust.
  • Can be cut into any pieces without loosing structure.
A comparison of visibility with and without pollen screen.
PS-02: Pollen screen can supply high visibility.
A pencil point on the pollen screen mesh.
PS-03: Pollen screen has extremely small meshes to block pollen.
A detail picture of pollen screen structure on the white background.
PS-04: Warp knitting structure of pollen screen.
The pollen screen allows the clean air in and blocks various pollen for man breathing.
PS-05: Working principle of pollen screen.

Applications of pollen screen

  • The pollen screen can be installed windows, doors, patios and other places to keep your window open, fresh air in and pollen, dust, mosquitoes and other insects from entering residences.
  • The pollen screen can be used in businesses and commercial buildings to take care of the employees that have allergies.
  • Pollen screen can be used in flat pieces in traditional windows, it can also be made into roller screens and pleated screen for convenient use.
A coffee frame window is installed with pollen screen and can see the outside plants clearly.
PS-06: Pollen screen is installed on the window to block pollen.
Two doors in the yard are installed with pollen screen and a tree in the yard.
PS-07: Pollen screen are installed on the doors to block pollen.

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