There are several multi layers filter discs with different shapes and from left to right the  size increased in turn.

Filter Disc

Filter disc is widely used to filter or sieve materials in chemical, water treatment, food industries, and it can be made into various shapes to meet your needs.

There are several sintered wire mesh round filter discs with different sizes and an irregular shape one.

Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh

Sintered wire mesh can be made into various filter elements which possess accurate and uniform filter precision, great strength, excellent corrosion resistance.

There are several sintered candle filter components installed on a filter equipment with a housing beside it.

Candle Filter

Candle filters with variety of materials all have good corrosion resistance and filter performance, and they are easy to clean with a long service life.

There are three spoon shape fine mesh strainers with different sizes.

Wire Mesh Strainer

Wire mesh strainers available are basket strainers, Y strainers, foot valve strainers, and it is commonly used in cooking, industrial, irrigation applications.

There is a Y type strainer installation scene.

Y, T, Basket Strainers

Y, T, basket strainers are efficient filter devices with advanced structure, and they can filter corrosive and low temperature materials, foods and medicine.