Y, T, Basket Strainers Used in Chemical, Petroleum and Light Industries

Y, T, basket strainers can be made of various materials and designed into different types: perforated, weaving, sintered, etc.

Y, T and basket strainers has excellent corrosion resistance and filter precision, they can filter water, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, refrigerant, foods, medicine, etc.

Specifications of Y, T, basket strainers:

  • Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, special alloys.
  • Types: weaving type, perforated type, sintered type.
There are six strainer elements with different materials and sizes.
YTB-01: We can provide various materials strainer element.
There are several perforated filter tubes with various sizes.
YTB-02: Perforated filter tube can be used for Y, T, basket strainers elements.
There is a sintered basket filter element.
YTB-03: Sintered basket strainer has high filter precision.
There are three basket filter elements with different density.
YTB-04: Basket strainer elements.

Y, T, basket strainers applications:

  • Used for filter device of purification equipment;
  • Serve in chemical, petroleum, water treatment, food, medicine industries.
There is a Y type strainer installation scene.
YTB-05: Y strainer is commonly installed on valve to remove impurities.
There is a T type strainer with its weave filter element.
YTB-06: T strainer is convenient to install and use.
A weave basket strainer element with two handles is put in a perforated one.
YTB-07: Basket filter element can be different types.
There are two basket strainers and one of it shows the basket filter element.
YTB-08: Basket strainer installation details show a stable structure.

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