Application of Nylon Window Screens in Bee Colony Management

Nylon window screens with a width of 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and so forth are commonly sold on the market. However, nylon window screens for bee colony management prefer the white one in 1 mm × 1 mm mesh opening and its width is better to be 120 cm.

There is a roll of nylon window screen in gray.
NWS-01: Nylon window screen is a good material for bee colony management application.
Nylon window screen is fixed on the beam.
NWS-02: Nylon window screen is put on the beam of the bee cage and covered with wire gauze.

Nylon window screen for bee colony management application 1

  • Buy several nylon window screens with a width of 120 cm according to your own bee colony number.
  • Fold from 50 cm of one side and cut with scissors.
  • Fold and cut this piece of the nylon window screen again, and make it in the size of 50 cm × 60 cm.
  • Put it on the beam of the bee cage and cover with wire gauze.

Notice: nylon window screen should be put in the bee cage all the year round.

Nylon window screen for bee colony management application 2

  • Cut nylon window screens into pieces whose dimensions are 9 cm × 7 cm to make a simple bee cage. This cage is mainly used for storing mature hives which are temporary useless.
  • Sew a piece into a pocket with a length of 8 cm and a diameter of 3 cm.
  • Cut a piece of 6-meter-long sponge and place it around the plastic part of the mature hive.
  • Fix the sponge above the pocket and make the hive downwards.
  • Tie nylon pocket with iron wires and hang on a suitable bee breeding colony.

Advantages of nylon window screen for bee colony management

  • Being closed to beams and bees, nylon window screens help to produce over 20% more propolis.
  • Nylon window screen makes it easy to collect propolis with low lead content, less impurities and fragrance.
  • Nylon window screen can keep gauze cover clean and last its service life.
  • Nylon window screen can be reused after collecting propolis.

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