How to Replace Old Insect Screen

Needed tools:

When we replace the window screen, we need use some tools for our fast and easy operation of insect screen.

  • New insect screen. Main part of the operation. If you wonder which type insect screen you should choose, refer to our another technology, how to choose suitable insect screen.
  • Spline. It is installed onto the frame to fasten the insect screen firmly onto the frame. Besides, it can ensure the good seal of window screen.
  • Utility knife. Help to cut the window screen and spline and ensure the fast and high efficient operation.
  • Spline roller. Help to install the spline onto frame and fasten the window screen. It has two sides for different function, we will introduce it for you in the following information.
  • Screwdriver. It is used to uninstall the old spline and help to seal the spline onto frame.
Old screens, new screen, screwdriver, utility knife, spline and spline roller on the white background.
RWS-01: Need tools during replacing.

Installation process

  • Step 1. Remove the old insect screen.
    Place the window screen on a flat surface (for example table or ground), use the screwdriver to pry off the spline from window frame.
    A worker is remove the old splines from frame with a screwdriver.
    RWS-02: Remove the old spline and screen.
  • Step 2. Clean the window frame.
    Clean the window frame with cleaning cloth or towel to remove the dust leaved on the frame. If there are some dirties cannot be removed, just use the soap water to clean them.
    A hand is cleaning the window frame with towel.
    RWS-03: Clean the frame with towel.
  • Step 3. Cut the new mesh into suitable size.
    Align the new mesh on the top of the frame, keeping the frame straight. Cut the new screen mesh into suitable sizes. You should leave enough space when you cut the mesh to prevent short of material during installing the splines.
    A worker is cutting the window screen with knife.
    RWS-04: Cut the window screen into suitable size.
  • Step 4. Push the screen into channel.
    The spline roller has two wheels at each end: a concave wheel that has an inward groove on the edge of the wheel, and a convex wheel that has a rounded edge. Use the convex wheel to push the screen into channel of window.
    A worker is pushing the window screen into channel and a detail of convex end of spine roller.
    RWS-05: Push the screen into channel.
  • Step 5. Push the spline into channel.
    Bring the new spline and push the spline into the channel with the concave wheel of spline roller, fitting over the screen. Cut the spline when one side installation completed. Push the spline into channel in same way for the other three sides. You should make sure that the spline will not pop off.
    A worker is pushing splines into channel and a detail of concave ends of spline roller.
    RWS-06: Push splines into channel.
  • Step 6. Push the spline into the corners.
    Push the spline into corners of channel with a screwdriver. In this way, we can prevent splines from popping off during long time usage. Additional, it can seal the window screen more effectively.
    A worker is push splines into corner down with a screwdriver.
    RWS-07: Push splines into the corners.
  • Step 7. Trim off the excess screen.
    Trim off the excess screen once the screen and splines are replaced. You should leave some space when you cut the excess screen for durable life.
    A worker is trim excess screens with knife.
    RWS-08: Trim off the excess screen.

Complete replacement and effect

A new window screen is installed. With the new insect screen, you can block the insects from entering your house, you can get beautiful scenery outside and enjoy the fresh air and comfortable sunlight entering your house.

A completed window screen on the white background.
RWS-09: Clean window screen are installed.
A pot of flowers behind of the window screen.
RWS-10: New window screen will not block your view of scenery.
Comparison of green plant with or without window screen.
RWS-11: New window screen ensures good air and sunlight circulation.

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