Industrial Wire Screen – Types and Conversion Factors

Here are the different types and conversion factors of pre-crimed and pressure-welded wire screens. The industrial wire screens include double crimp screen, single intermediate crimp screen, double intermediate crimp screen, lock crimp screen, flat-top screen and pressure-welded screen. Following table shows the details of different screens.

Table 1: Types and Screen Conversion Factors
Type Figure Designation Screen Conversion Factor
A Industrial wire screen of double crimp type. double crimp screen 1.00
B Industrial wire screen of single intermediate crimp type. single intermediate crimp screen 1.03
C Industrial wire screen of double intermediate crimp type. double intermediate crimp screen 1.06
D Industrial wire screen of lock crimp type. lock crimp screen 1.03
E Industrial wire screen of flat-top type. flat-top screen 1.00
F Industrial wire screen of pressure-welded type. pressure-welded screen 0.98
These factors are given as a guideline. Actual values may vary depending on the weaving process.

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