Polyethylene Window Screens for Slope Protection - Good Way to Protect Fishpond

The collapse and sedimentation of fishponds, which is a difficult problem, is one of main reasons for the aging of them. At present, adopting polyethylene window screens for slope protection is proved to be a good way to protect fishponds.

There is a roll of polyethylene window screen in brown.
FSP-01: Polyethylene window screen in different dimensions can meet customers' various requirements.
Polyethylene window screen is covered above a fishpond.
FSP-02: Adopting polyethylene window screens for slope protection is a good way to protect fishponds.

The specific methods and procedures are

  1. Trim embankment slope and make it a slope of 1:2.5 or 1:3.
  2. Select some ordinary polyethylene window screens (about 100 mesh) and make them a four-meter-perimeter net. The lower part is sewn into a stone cage with a diameter of 3 cm.
  3. Along the upper slope, insert the bamboo rod which is about 30 cm high on the surface of embankment. Above ground part is about 20 cm and the spacing of each rod is about 3 m.
  4. Attach the upper part of window screens to the rod, while lower part dives into mud. Mare sure that the whole window screen is stuck to the embankment tightly.

The advantages of window screens for slope protection

  1. Low cost.
  2. With strong underwater part, the whole window screen forms a slope protection barrier which is a elastic block.
  3. Window screen above water, which is 50–60 cm wide, provides a cushion against sediment impact. Being tightly stuck to the slope, it possesses anti-aging ability.

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