Window Screens with a Clear Vision for Anti-mosquito Screens

The common sense of window screens

The seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter change not only time, scenery, but also mosquitoes, debris and dust coming out of the window.

The invasion of mosquitoes always carries a variety of pathogens, causing diseases such as dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis, it did a great deal of damage to our family. Dust and dirt always mess up our home environment, even cause some people's allergies, bring inconvenience to life. Window screens can solve most of the problems.

The window screens installed at indoor provides a clear view.
WSK-01: Window screen with a clear view.

What kind of window screen is a good screen window?

  • Comprehensive anti-mosquito.
  • Provide a clear view.
  • Good ventilation and high transparency.
  • Simple in structure and beautiful in appearance.
  • Strong and flat after installing.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable and have a long service life.

How to choose window screens?

  • The material of screen: currently the screen material sold on the market are mainly PP, PET, polyester, glass fiber, nylon and so on. The inferior material screen is easy to produce deformation, has poor ventilation, and the service life is short. It will emit a strange smell under the sun. At the same time when choose the yarn material, we should pay attention to its health and functionality.
  • The frames of screen: the quality of the window screen depends not only the yarn material, but also the material and thickness of the frames. When buying the frames, we must pay attention to whether the cross section of the frame meet the thickness and hardness requirements. If the thickness, hardness is not qualified, it is easy to produce deformation, which also affected the normal use of the screen.

Recommended window insect screens

Polyester pollen screen with a clear view installed as window screen.
WSK-02: Polyester pollen screen.
Stainless steel 304 invisible window screen installed as door screen.
WSK-03: Stainless steel 304 invisible window screen.
Stainless steel security screen with a clear vision installed as door screen.
WSK-04: Stainless steel security screen.
Aluminum alloy security screen with frames installed as window screen.
WSK-05: Aluminum alloy security screen.

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