Common Styles of Screens on the Market for Window or Door Screens

Seven insect screen types in doors and windows industry

In order to facilitate the selection of the appropriate window insect screens, we listed some common styles of screens on the market and introduced some advantages and disadvantages here.

Currently, screens are divided into seven categories on the market:

The first generation of traditional single screens

There are seven coils of traditional single screens with different colors.
ST-01: The first generation of traditional window insect screens.

Advantage of traditional insect screens

Low cost, economical and practical.

Disadvantages of traditional insect screens

  • Poor seal performance.
  • Poor aesthetics.
  • Not easy to clean, maintain and repair.
  • Not match with the high-grade residences.

The second generation of window insect screens developed in recent years: shutter screens, invisible screens, pleated insect screens

A black folding screen.
ST-02: The second generation of screen: pleated screen.

Advantage of the second generation screens

They can be put away to save space when not use, and avoid prolonged exposure to prevent the damage and dirty problems.

Disadvantage of the second generation screens

Folding and invisible screens are not simple in structure. The frames and rails destroyed the structure of the window at a certain extent to make the window look bloated. If you choose a folding screen not good enough, yarn problems often affect the service life of the screens.

Roll yarn is the most popular product currently, and it's service life is relatively longer. It's easy to clean, beautiful in appearance and can save space. It solved many big problems in practical using.

The third generation screen: magnetic window screen

A sheet of white magnetic window screen with frame.
ST-03: The third generation of screen: magnetic window screen.

Advantage of magnetic window screen

It's easy to install, uninstall and clean without any damage of the window structure. And it's strong and flat after installing.

Disadvantage of magnetic window screen

It's easy to degauss when the using time is long. And the seal performance is not guaranteed once the wind is strong.

Stainless steel window screen – alternative product of China's ordinary nylon screen

Many coils of stainless steel window screens placed orderly on the ground.
ST-04: Stainless steel window screen coils.

Advantage of stainless steel window screen

It's simple to install, fireproof, anti- rat bite, and has good ventilation and security.

Disadvantage of stainless steel window screen

It's easy to produce deformation because of improper operation.

Stainless steel security window screen – upgraded version of stainless steel screen

Advantage of stainless steel security window screen

With the electrophoretic paint treatment surface and the features of high strength, simple structure, corrosion sheers and impact resistance, Aluminum alloy steel security window screen is anti-theft, pest, harsh environment, and has good ventilation, aesthetics, security and other advantages.

Disadvantage of stainless steel security window screen

It's expensive.

Anti-pollen window screen

Advantage of anti-pollen window screen

It has better light transmittance, ventilation, and durability than traditional window screen. It can achieve a strong dust barrier function without using electricity. Its known as "a magic window".

Disadvantage of anti-smog window screen

High price, not anti-theft.

Aluminum alloy security screen – never rust, light weight, high strength

Aluminum alloy security screen with the features of never rust, light weight and good antioxidant effect is suitable for the wet and warm coastal areas.

The details of black powder coated aluminum alloy security screen.
ST-07: Aluminum alloy security screen.

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