Wire screen popular with the United States and Canada

Wire screen is also known as window screen, insect screen or fly screen. It is used to keep leaves, debris, insects, birds and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a porch, while permitting fresh air-flow. Therefore it is applied to filtration, windows for mosquitoes and flies, doors, etc.

Angus Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports wire mesh screens of kinds of materials and specifications. Our screen products mainly consist of window screen, copper wire screen, plastic insect screen, aluminum window screen, galvanized window screen, fiberglass window screen and stainless steel window screen.

Galvanized window screen enjoys the features of ant-mildew and corrosion, color washable and attractive, good resistance to weather, stable size, good ventilation and light transmission.

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Weight calculation method for window screens: stainless steel window screen, aluminum insect screens, plastic insect screen and fiberglass window screens.

This essay will introduce you a test method for evaluating the engagement between windows and insect screens as an integral system.

This paper will introduce you a new kind of window screen with high light transmittance and UV-resistant performance.

This essay will introduce you all kinds of window screens characters to help the one you need. Covering nylon, metal and fiberglass window screen.

Good choice!

I was looking for a screen would keep out nearly all sunlight and air flow is not a concern. Because I want to cover thermal solar panels to prevent them from overheating. And the sales experts suggested the polyester screen which features UV Protection 40%. It is really a good choice.

Exactly what I want!

There are rodents in my neighborhood which frequent my yard at night. I presently have fiber glass screened windows. I would like to replace them with metal screens. And the sales experts suggested me the stainless steel window screen which has has high hardness. It would provide the best protection from rodents.

Good price and more durability!

I am a volunteer for a heritage park. We need to purchase metal screening for a 96 year old farm house. I need to do a couple of screen doors and some windows. And the sales experts suggested me stainless steel window screen which features rust and corrosion resistance. And in my opinion, it is more durability and the price is more competitive. So I bought the stainless steel screening finally.

Good bush fire screen.

I'm looking for a product which will double as both insect screening and bush fire protection. And finally I choose the aluminum insect mesh. It works well.

Great mesh!

I was looking for a mesh roller screen for an outdoor application beside a residence in Brisbane. That application is near a spa. Rust needs to be considered. And the sales experts suggested the stainless steel mesh which features rust resistance and can protect privacy. I was so pleased with this purchase.

Excellent recommendation

Ravens have damaged the screens on many of my windows, so I need them all replaced. But I don't know which kind of screen can solve this problem. So I asked the sales experts and they suggested the stainless steel screen which is hard enough that ravens couldn't damage. Finally, I found that it really works.

Exactly what I want!

I want a fiberglass screen come in blue or green, but I don't know is it more durable than plastic screen in a hot tropical climate. And the sales experts told me fiberglass screen features heat resistance which can reach up to 680 degrees. It is exactly what I want. Finally, I bought a blue one and a green one.

Cape Town
Great blinds

My daughter lives on the 9th floor of a building in Cape Town with cats. And I' m looking for screens or blinds that can be pulled down so the cats can't get through. Finally the supplier advised me that aluminum mesh roller blinds which have good resilience and toughness. And I no longer have to worry about the cat jumping out windows.